Mimizan is not only both a holiday resort and a lake, but also 3 Natura 2000 protected sites, a 7 km stream connecting the lake to the ocean, and 10 kms of coastal beaches, where in addition to the usual pleasures of a beach, there are schools for surf, body-board, paddle and jet-skis.

From the Mimizan beach, take the footpath to the lake of Mailloeyere. This nature reserve offers a fine walk among pines in a natural setting. From the top of the belvedere, there is the wide vista of forest, dune and ocean.
The lake shore is made for fishermen – carp, eels, pike, and there is a floral promenade with three hundred or so different species.
Mimizan also has its historical connections: the communal site for washing clothes, the fountain of the Tuc d’Udos, a priory museum and the heritage house tracing the Landaise rural society, its shepherds and its resin-workers.
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