Our eco-responsible commitment


Our Laha campsite is a small haven of peace in the middle of the Landes forest. Many birds, insects and wild animals nest here. We even have the pleasure of seeing roe deer in winter.
We hear more and more about ecology, carbon footprints and fossil fuels…
It has become essential to do something for our planet and, on a smaller scale, to adopt eco-responsible behaviour to preserve our environment. The magnificent Landes forest that surrounds us and the Landes department, with its vast natural areas and rich ecosystem, need to be protected.
Since our arrival, we have been taking action season after season and trying as hard as we can to behave in an environmentally-friendly way so as to limit the impact of the campsite on nature.


The sanitary facilities are heated by a low-energy boiler.
The lighting has been replaced with LEDs. We have installed programmers and motion detectors for better lighting management.


Water is a finite resource, so we have installed timed taps and aerators.
We are particularly vigilant about leaks and abnormal water losses.
Several rainwater harvesters have been installed.


Various actions have been taken to try and reduce waste as much as possible.
At the snack bar, we sort our waste and invite holidaymakers to do the same. To this end, we have equipped the mobile homes with sorting bins.
We have 3 chickens that consume food waste and composters are available to recycle bio-waste.
You’ll also find small compost bins in the mobile homes so you can take your bio-waste to the composters.
We have invested in a plant shredder to recycle our green waste, which will be transformed into mulch. Spread at the foot of trees and shrubs, this mulch reduces watering in summer and protects against weeds and frost in winter.
Our frying oil is recovered by the Quatra company, which recycles it.


To make driving even more responsible, a number of everyday gestures have been thought through
and adapted:

  • A sharing booth has been set up in the English telephone booth. When you leave, you can leave anything you don’t want to take home with you (washing-up liquid, pasta, soap, oil, salt, pepper, etc.). Be careful not to leave any fresh produce or food that might attract insects (sugar, etc.).
  • Installing nesting boxes and insect huts
  • Use of Ecocert-labelled household products
  • Supplying the snack bar with local products (coffee, bread, wine, duck confit, Cath beer, etc.)
  • Reduced use of paper (correspondence by e-mail, reuse of scrap paper, etc.)
  • No plastic in the snack bar: glass glasses, stoneware plates and stainless steel cutlery. Straws are reusable (cleaned well with small brushes), placemats are reusable (paper placemats are banned).
  • We prefer to hand weed as much as possible. You won’t find paths trimmed to the millimetre, but weeds growing wild.
  • We have created a vegetable garden with aromatic plants for you. Feel free to come and water, weed and, of course, help yourself.


By coming on holiday to Camping le Laha, you can reconnect with nature and enjoy new experiences.
Even on holiday, you too can adopt an eco-responsible attitude and add your own little touch:

  • Remember to turn off the lights when you’re away (don’t forget the light on the mobile home terrace).
  • Sort your rubbish and put your bio-waste in one of the compost bins
  • Don’t forget to turn off the taps
  • Don’t turn on radiators unless necessary
  • You can bring your used batteries to reception
  • Don’t throw your rubbish out in the open
  • Only use toilet paper in the toilet (especially not wipes)
  • Don’t apply sunscreen before going into the pool, apply it when you’re sunbathing
  • Respect the surrounding flora and fauna (inside and outside the campsite, of course)

Now it’s your turn. Help us to reduce our impact on the environment and take up the challenge of having an unforgettable holiday while taking a step towards nature.